Westlake Tackle® is probably one of the india’s pioneer most experienced and prolific manufacturers of top quality fishing Tackles for last forty years, distributing products globally through a network of independent distributors, wholesalers.

Westlake Tackle® focuses on innovation and commitment to high quality, and this can be seen in each item of fishing gear we produce. Westlake Tackle® known for its superior quality standards, the products have its grasp in overseas market and has a very good repute globally among our clients and anglers.

Westlake Tackle® epitomizes innovation, reliability and value for money, making it a leader in carp fishing tackles. Our comprehensive range of carp and fly fishing gears will satisfy even the most demanding anglers. We believe that you will be completely satisfied with all our products manufactured.

We believe offering always value for money product and do not compromise using best quality raw materials for our fishing gears. Our quality speaks itself when you personally use the products.

We will always look forward to have your kind support and co-operation towards us in all aspects at all times .

Mohammad Hassan